NaNoWriMo Days 2-5: Falling Behind

Goal Word Count: 10,000

Actual Word Count: 5,608

So I am WAY behind.  Turns out, it’s pretty hard for me to focus on writing during the weekends.  I wrote less than 500 words on Saturday.

Some external factors definitely hindered my progress.  Hubby had an old coworker visiting from out of town, so Friday I had four guests in my home while the guys talked about the old days at work.  Add to that my baby going through some rough bouts of teething on Saturday, and I barely got any words written for two days.

At least he’s cute, right?

In addition to the outside distractions, I’ve just been having some trouble slogging through this first part of my novel.  It’s a lot of setup at this point and I am struggling to just get it on the page.  Also, as I’ve been writing, I’m coming up with new character traits or small incidents.  That’s great, except every time I do that, I have to force myself to keep moving forward and not go back and add in better character setup and foreshadowing.  I need tattoo “IT’S JUST THE FIRST DRAFT!” on my arm so I will stop trying to edit in the middle of my writing sessions.

So Sunday afternoon I was determined to get some work done.  Hubby took the baby into another room for some playtime and I settled into our most comfy chair and got about an hour and a half of work done.

So cozy.

I managed to get that 5,600 word count during this time.  Currently, it is 11 pm on Sunday night.  After I finish and schedule this update, I do plan on doing another thirty minutes or so of writing to hopefully at least get my count up to 6,000 before I head to bed.

Moving forward I have quite a bit of catching up to do.  I have this little game I often play with myself.  I set goals modeled after the medals at the Olympics.  An example of this I do quite often is when I workout.  I have time limits so I’ll tell myself that by the time the run is over I’ll have earned Gold if I go 2 miles, Silver if I go 1.75 miles, and Bronze if I go 1.5 miles.  This keeps me ridiculously motivated for such a simplistic little device.  I do it to motivate myself to get chores down, see how far under budget I can go while grocery shopping, and even to try to get me and my son ready and out the door faster.

My goals for the next update are the following:

  • Gold: 16,000 words (this will put me totally back on track with my original goals)
  • Silver: 14,000 words
  • Bronze: 12,000 words (that’s about 2,000 words per day)

On Thursday I will let y’all know which medal I earned! So how is everybody else doing?  Falling behind or right on track?  Even if you are going slower than you originally planned like me, remember that progress is progress! Every word brings us closer to finished novels!


Happy Writing Y’all!


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